Welcome to the NWRCAC!

We strive to bring arts into the community through events and programs that benefit people of all ages and backgrounds. We're proud to have sponsored annual Dinner Dances, art shows and exhibits, school enrichment programs, concerts, classes, and much more!

If you have comments, suggestions, or ideas, feel free to contact us!

If you'd like to be a member, click the "Membership" tab and download a membership form. Our current upcoming events are located in the "Upcoming Events" tab. To see more about these events, read about them in the "Event Guide."

Based in the Archdale/Trinity area of Randolph County, North Carolina, our organization was created in 2005 and is an official 501c3 non-profit organization.

Upcoming event
The annual Art Daze has been scheduled for September 20th, 2014! Now at a new location, The Arts Academy of Archdale, we hope the creativity of children and adults alike is bigger and better than ever!

Come to the Arts Academy (304 Trindale Rd. Ste. D) in Archdale, NC, on September 20th from 10am to 2pm.

Children and adults raved about the Scrap Exchange of Durham, the provider of our annual event. They specialize in gathering interesting, recycled materials than can be used to create all sorts of unique creations!

To see and read more about this event, visit the Art Daze event page.

We value your IDEAS!

We know the most important part of art is...the artist! Without supporting the artist, there wouldn't be art would there? We're proud to have traveled on the path we were on, bringing arts to the community. Now we want to focus on you, the artist, and the next generation of artists to follow. In our restructuring we plan to hold more art classes, workshops, groups, artist gatherings, and more artist-oriented events.

 We welcome your ideas so we know what you'd be interested in!

Maybe you'd like to get together with like-minded artists and just draw, or meet with a professional and talk about technique and ideas. Perhaps a field trip for inspiration is in question, and you with a group can get a guided tour through the city, town, and countryside alike! Want to take classes, or do your children? We'll still be holding our annual art show, but if you'd like a smaller themed show or more of them let us know! You can contact us below and tell us what you think!

Thank you!

To contact us...

Call: 336-802-1957

Send us mail: PO Box 14530, Archdale, NC 27263

Email: Info@nwrcac.org

President: Blair Collins
Vice President: Bert Stone
Treasurer: Kim Summers
Secretary: Cara Bevan

Members at Large: Douglas Hoover, Gaye Willard, Gayle Lambeth, Chelsea Tolman, Andee Edelson, Jim Norman

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